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How to Get & Keep Followers on TikTok: A Guide to Follower Retention

Since TikTok was initially released in September 2016, it has gained popularity. The app started as a pre-teen and teen social media platform where youngsters post dance challenges and trendy jokes. Over time, hosting real-time entrepreneur speeches on LIVE became much more critical, promoting useful influencer products for customers worldwide via videos and creating a place to learn and connect, no matter what geographical zip code you were in.

Because of the exponential growth in eight short years, creators everywhere yearn to jump on the bandwagon. If they’ve got something to say, sell, or bring awareness to, they want “in” on a TikTok account. And why shouldn’t they? The social media dream is to create content, reach a target audience, and adopt more followers; expanding a passionate platform is a solid, achievable goal that anyone would be proud of.

But to reach that solid, achievable goal, you must make it past one mission: Obtaining and maintaining followers. Other TikTok creators know all about this challenge. They know how to get followers on TikTok because they’ve been there and done that. Luckily, we can help you in your endeavors, with the end-all-be-all pointing towards a positive follower retention rate. Here at Influensly, we have expertise in various get-and-keep follower options. All you have to do is stick with us, and we’ll effortlessly improve your retention rates through grade-A advice, which ensures that all your metrics provide positive results.

Ready to get started? We sure are.

How Can You Get & Keep TikTok Followers?

It would help if you had a concrete TikTok strategy to gain user loyalty and expand outreach to potential followers. Some tips that you can even translate over to other social media platforms, if necessary, include:

Adhering to Community Guidelines

Have you ever encountered the term shadowbanned? If not, we’ll give you the 4-1-1. It’s a fancy way to say TikTok blocks your account from posting after you’ve engaged in some pretty egregious behavior. This action is taken to protect users on the platform, but it does feel like a fierce punishment.

Remember, TikTok is a safe space where subscribers can go and share appropriate content. Stay within the preferred bounds, and you’ll keep your target audience around.

Bring Other TikTok Creators Onto Your Page

To get your TikTok presence to a new level, try conjoining your efforts with another already favorable and well-liked creator. You can approach this expansion in one of two ways: 1) Teaming up with an influencer that covers the same niche as you, or 2) Choosing a relevant yet different niche to get into.

Are you deciding on the former? Cool, you can base your “interview” or “collaboration” on fresh content. A new perspective from someone in the same field as you is always bright and refreshing; typically, it urges more TikTok followers to pique an interest.

Are you deciding on the latter? Make a TikTok video with a leading influencer in the industry and make the content question-based. That way, growth to a new social media fan base can look authentic every step of the way.


@mare.bear7 Tell your characters to stop tormenting mine! 💛 Big thank you to @Eric Doodles for providing a voice for Bear!!! 🙏🏼 He sounds amazing! Can’t wait to work with you again! #creatorandcreation #animation #animationmeme #2Danimation #creatorandoc #indiecartoon #characterdesign #animatic #animations

♬ BLUE – Billie Eilish

Prioritize Trendy Videos in Your Content Creation

When you use current trends in your TikTok marketing schemes, evolution in the right direction is bound to happen. For some algorithmic reason, the trends get the most hype and overall engagement.

Just be aware of one tiny factoid: You can only use a trend later in the timeline. If you post once the topic has lost relevance, you won’t experience exponential positive feedback, which may be lackluster.

Reasons You Might Lose Followers

There are relevant ways to obtain more TikTok followers, just like there are justifiable reasons why users would choose to click that “unfollow” button. Some grounds for removal include:

Minimal Engagement in User-generated Content

If there’s no engagement on your TikTok videos, your profile is less likely to hit the For You Page, which means it’s also less likely to come across your target audiences’ screens. As a result, users may choose to do away with your content because you’re not producing anything of value for them.

It may sound harsh, but if you need to grasp other TikTok users’ attention, they may want to avoid following you. Try using relevant hashtags and trending songs to reel them back in.

Posting TikTok Videos with Controversial Content

When was the last time offensive content piqued your interest? The same goes for your efforts to grasp more TikTok followers; chances are, newbies won’t want to up your TikTok analytics if you hurt their feelings. Just like current followers will want to avoid sticking around to see what you have in store next.

Our tip? Just think before your post.

Niche-Hopping Too Frequently

If you display the same themes throughout your social media (TikTok included), you’ll quickly establish rapport with viewers that particularly align with your niche. But if you hop over to five other topics to broadly experiment, you may lose peoples’ interest.

You see, the connection that your supporters feel in the beginning when they press that “follow” button is crucial. They chose to hop aboard your page for a reason: the TikTok videos you post are either intriguing, funny, informational, entertaining, or beneficial. Keep it there, and don’t move the barometer too far left or too far right.

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Can You Prevent Losing Followers? If So, How?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can prevent the loss. To sum up and add to our previous two sections, this is how:

  • Post consistent, relevant content to your niche.
  • Follow community guidelines.
  • Prioritize trends and post them on time, every time.
  • Connect with fellow creators and piggyback their ideas, if applicable and warranted.

Retaining TikTok Followers: Strategie for Long-Term Engagement

Retaining followers on TikTok is significant if you want to grow sustainably and optimize engagement on your platform. But how do you achieve such a level of success? Indeed, by composing quality user-generated content. You can also think about the following:

  • Switch to a business account → A personal account can only get you so far. You’ll automatically be granted access to insider creator tools with a business account. Even ones that can track your results on the path to gaining more followers! Free marketing should be 100% taken advantage of. So, if you’re an influencer trying to meet the masses while selling your products, highly consider switching.
  • Use original content → Hopping aboard a trend and piggybacking off ideas have their upsides. However, creating original content shows that you, as a TikTok user, are going all out to please your target audience. Take a little bit of time each week to journal and brainstorm some authentic ideas. Add your personal branded hashtag to it. BAM! You’ve created a work of art.
  • Try TikTok growth tools → It can be daunting and a little scary starting on the TikTok app. Unlike other social media platforms, this one doesn’t make it easy to adopt more followers; you have to put in dedicated time and effort to see results. Luckily, sites like Influensly are here to make the process that much easier. All you have to do is start a campaign, and the site will immediately begin promoting your video to others. In a matter of days, you’ll see optimum encouragement, and users will automatically click “follow” on your page.
  • Adopt viral trends → Make sure they’re relevant to your niche because if you drift too far away from your specialty, you may deter more followers than you attract. Do thorough research, ensure the “trend” is still popular, and attach some related hashtags and snazzy songs/tunes.
  • Start a video series → One video that continues into another that continues into another can be classified as a video series. If you’re looking at how to get followers on TikTok, this is your opportunity. Start by posting a “part 1” with high-quality content, and then right before your video ends, encourage your target audience to keep an eye out for “part 2.” Our advice? Post the second bit a day or so later; you’ll keep them returning.
  • Add optimizable captions → Adding captions to your videos may seem silly, but in all honesty, so many more followers prefer to read what’s being said. It also helps viewers with hearing deficiencies and those needing the language translated. With optimizable captions, you can reach a more extensive fan base.
  • Keep successful content pinned → If followers consistently share user-generated content that you produce, chances are high that your profile will get more traffic. In time, you’ll notice that one (or more) of your creations will perform exponentially on the scale, leading to a high engagement rate, increased comments, and many likes. If this sounds familiar, head to your TikTok account now and “pin” the video that came to mind. Doing so allows people on the app to see your most valuable videos at the beginning of your page.
Creator @jenniferlatch keeps pinned her introduction video, and two most popular posts

Though the above strategies are significant, we pinpointed and expanded on the additional ones outlined below. According to our research, these are the most beneficial. Keep reading for clarified insight.

Understand Your Audience

Social media gives you so many avenues to navigate that it takes time to figure out where to start. Using broad topics, areas that interest you, and minimum-effort resources can seem tempting, but there are other routes to take.


Besties, I’m here to teach you how to make money online without showing your face. Who’s ready?

♬ Obsessed x B.A.D. x In For It – SojEdits
The creator knows exactly who their audience

To succeed, you must narrow down your target audience and their preferences. This can require a big chunk of time, with demand to analyze follower demographics.TikTok Analytics is a great resource to lean on that’ll assist you in determining users’ goals, interests, and so on. Once you find the proper recipe, you’ll push pleasing content out left and right.

Keep High-Quality Content Consistent

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A regular posting schedule is crucial to keeping your followers – and expanding your content to more followers. In the beginning, this can pose a difficult task. But no matter what, don’t give up. Keep up the excellent work with high quality and creativity, and you’ll surely reach success.

Excellent types of content to consider include:

  • Latest trends
  • Product tutorials
  • Industry-specific facts
  • Influencer marketing
  • Work culture

Create a Community

It’s not enough to post and share videos; you must also dig deeper and form connections with the people who follow your brand. Please do so by responding to their comments and messages. Try conducting a live session here and there where you’re interactive in real time and answering current inquiries. In addition, Q&A sections can be added to your profile page so that users can ask questions or make statements on the law.

All of the above suggestions factor into creating a community because that’s what TikTok is all about: helping one another, forwarding everyday advice, marketing essential or desirable brands, etc.

You can even take the community one step further by participating in follower duets and shout-outs, practicing outreach, and posting trends to show people that everyone has a place in this world. How fun!

Be sure to Analyze & Adapt

Here’s where the analytical performance comes in once again: Metrics. Ask yourself questions like, are you regularly reviewing your overall performance? Are the numbers increasing or decreasing? Do you need more followers to get your point across/increase revenue on your growing brand?

The tough questions need to be answered to grow in the right direction. Once you analyze the information, you can adapt accordingly. Outline strategies and put them into motion for positive impact. Just note: Some game plans may work, others may not. You may have to make an extra trial-and-error effort.


How do you feel now that you’ve read our guide to follower retention? We know that there is a lot to take in. But if you want to reach more followers – and keep them – you’ll need to put some of these schematics into motion.

What will it be? Original content creation? An increase in personal engagement on your platform? A better understanding of your internal audience? Bringing other similar yet authentic influencers to your videos? Or all of the above?

It doesn’t matter whether you meet your goal of expanding your TikTok outreach. Good luck out there, users! 

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