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What Are Gifts on TikTok, and How Much Do They Cost?

Tipping is no longer for bartenders and waitresses. TikTok users now have the ability to tip their favorite creators using Gifts. This phenomenon is great for both creators and users. 

However, content creators can make even more money from the platform as they build their brand. TikTok users derive increased fulfillment from the app as they demonstrate their love to their favorite creators through cash gifts. 

These offerings come in different values and prices, which we will explore as we read the article. 

What Are TikTok LIVE Gifts and How Do They Work?

Tiktok LIVE gifts are rewards content creators get from their fans when they go live on the platform. These rewards can later be converted when they accumulate to a certain extent.  

Think of it as a live street performance, with many onlookers cheering and giving money to the performers. The LIVE gifts feature lets users give their favorite content creators cash as they ‘perform’ during live streaming. 

A creator has to qualify and then enable the LIVE gift feature before they can receive TikTok gifts from their fans. Several policies govern how these gifts are sent on the app, and this entails both the sender and the recipient.

The policy became effective in June 2022. It details users in particular regions who are eligible to use virtual gifts. Some of these rules cover how to buy and send coins, how to deal with issues involving refunds and guarantees, etc. 

Then, there is the reward policy, focusing more on influencers and recipients of virtual gifts. The app developers created a Rewards Policy for creators who make money from content creation to guide them from video creation to interaction.

Some of the reward policies include:

  • Criteria for Eligibility in the Rewards Program
  • Steps to Participate in the Program
  • Conditions for termination and suspension
  • How to redeem virtual gifts
  • How the Diamond Payment Process works and how to use Diamonds 

How Much are TikTok Gifts Worth?

Numerous TikTok gifts are currently on the platform with various prices and coins. For example, the ice cream cone and TikTok logo cost a mere $0.01,  while the Zeus gift icon costs 34,000 coins ($452.10). 

The platform keeps updating the coins, so it’s challenging to list all of them.

However, here are a few with the coin amount and worth should you want to purchase gifts:

  • Silver sports car – 5000 ($66.48)  
  • Golden sports car –29,999 ($398.95)  
  • TikTok trophy – 699 ($9.29) 
  • TikTok universe – 44,999 ($562.48)
  • Dragon Flame – 26,999 ($359.29)
  • Ice cream cone – 1 ($0.01) 
  • I love you – 49 ($0.65)
  • TikTok logo – 1 ($0.01)
  • Dog bone – 10 ($0.13)
  • Paper crane – 99 ($1.31)
  • TikTok stars- 39,999 ($532.06)
  • Butterfly – 169 ($2.24)
  • Googles – 199 ($2.64)
  • Origami – 99 ($1.31)
  • Gold mine – 1000 ($13.30)
  • Marine trap – 400 ($5.32)

How to Convert Diamonds to Cash on TikTok

Every gift comes with its coin(s) equivalent, and these coins accumulate into diamonds. On the platform, you need half a coin to get a single diamond. Hence, a supercar worth ten coins would give you five diamonds.

A diamond equals $0.05, hence 50 diamonds are worth $2.50. Creators must accumulate a minimum of 2,000 diamonds, equivalent to $100, before they can convert their diamonds to cash.

Follow the steps to know the number of diamonds you have at any given time:

  • Go to your account profile
  • Click on ‘Menu’
  • Next, select ‘Settings and Privacy’
  • Click on ‘Balance’

The balance page shows how many coins and diamonds you have and whether you’ve reached the minimum withdrawable amount.

Go ahead and link your PayPal or payment app to withdraw your earnings. Total reflected earnings in your bank account may vary based on individual charges. 

Remember that creators cannot share diamonds with other users at the moment. But if there were a feature that allowed users to purchase coins and share them, that would be a cool addition to this social media universe.  

How to Earn Gifts on TikTok

As mentioned earlier, you must meet the criteria before earning LIVE gifts on the platform and becoming part of TikTok’s Creator Next.

Here’s a list of the criteria: 

  • The Creator Next option is limited to specific regions and must be available in your location
  • You have to be 18 years or older in some other areas.
  • You must be consistent on the platform, posting at least three times a month. 
  • You must have a minimum of 1,000 followers
  • Your daily video views must hit the required demand
  • Your account must be at least 30 days old
  • Your account must meet all the platform policies

Once you are eligible, promptly follow these few quick steps:

  • Scroll to the bottom right of your screen and type ‘profile.’
  • Click on the dots on the top of the screen
  • Go to settings
  • Click Creator Tools
  • Click Apply 
  • Select Video Gifts
  • Repeat the same step to set up LIVE gifts

Keep in mind that these criteria don’t apply to business accounts.

How to Send Gifts on TikTok

When the platform verifies that a user is of age and has complied with all Virtual Items and Coin policies, then the app permits them to send TikTok coins to their favorite creators. A user can only send a gift when a creator is Livestreaming, using specific Gift icons.

If you want to send a LIVE gift, you have to go through the following process:

  • Once the live streaming session is ongoing, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the ‘Gift icon.’
  • Then, scroll through the list of icons and select the symbol bearing the coin equivalent you want to gift out.
  • Users need to purchase TikTok coins before gifting and can do so by clicking ‘Recharge.’

Please note that you must enable the LIVE Gifting feature in the comment section so users can gift their coins on the platform. 

How to Acquire Diamonds on TikTok

Think of Diamonds as a turbo boost that activates once there’s enough coin charge. In other words, as people watch your video and find it captivating, they send in their TikTok gifts. 

Naturally, when your live-streaming videos become popular and perform brilliantly, they attract an increased amount of money to the platform. The higher the gift values a creator receives, the sooner the coins accumulate to make a Diamond.

After completing your live session, check the details of the video in the summary. There, you’d see how many people sent you donations and how many of those were converted to diamonds.

Keep in mind that the platform considers other factors when translating gifts to diamonds, but the most important is the number of  LIVE gifts a creator gets after a streaming session.

How to Increase TikTok Gifts Value and Get More Diamonds

The amount of Diamonds you get is directly proportional to the number of coins users send you during a live session. In other words, the more people send gifts, the more diamonds accumulate.

Then again, people are only moved to like, share, and even send donations when a video captivates them. This means that an exciting video will generate more viewers who will later go on to share it and attract more users to the platform. And these users are likely to send in more TikTok LIVE presents that convert to more diamonds.

3 Quick Ways to Get More Diamonds on TikTok

Create More Quality Content

Nothing attracts users faster than quality content. Quality doesn’t mean videos have to be shot with cutting-edge technology; rather, it implies more emphasis on relevance and entertainment.

Since your gift coins can only be received while you’re in the middle of a streaming session, you need to learn the art of engaging and entertaining your audience in real time. 

Interact and Engage with Your Users

Speaking of audience engagement, interactions with users, i.e., encouraging feedback, giving compliments, sharing personal experiences, and telling funny jokes, are great ways to bond with your users.

When the interaction level is high, you can even professionally solicit TikTok LIVE gifts without coercion. Once your audience sees that you’ve provided much value, sending gift coins to you upon request wouldn’t be a hassle if they don’t send it first.

Build a Larger Following

Building an extensive following is a surefire way to get more diamonds from the LIVE bounties section. To increase your followership count, you must be intentional, watching out for catchy trends or techniques you can create on or after each live-streaming session.   

Additionally, if you already have existing followers on other social media platforms, you can incentivize them to follow you on TikTok, where you’ll receive gifts from them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Money Do You Get from TikTok Gifts?

The amount of money a creator can earn from TikTok donations isn’t fixed. Certain factors determine how much a creator can make, such as the number of followers, engagement levels during live sessions, and the amount of gift coins sent by users.

How much is 100 roses on TikTok?

One rose equals $0.01, just like the ice cream cone. Therefore, 100 roses equals $1.

How much is a TikTok lion gift worth?

Checking the current gift list on the platform, a lion gift goes for 29,999 ($398.95).

How much is a galaxy on TikTok?

Just like the gold mine, a galaxy icon currently costs 1000 coins – ($13.30).


The LIVE gift feature on TikTok is yet another innovative way the platform is using to expand its already gigantic user base. Creators can now look forward to generating more cash on the platform by doing what they love.

Fans also have an avenue to bond with their favorite stars, pampering them with gift items during a live streaming session. TikTok universe is currently the highest-value gift on the platform, costing 44,999 coins ($562.48).

Overa, a loyal fan base is critical to earning massive incomes through the TikTok LIVE gifts feature. Therefore, ensure that your audience is always hooked with captivating content, and then watch as your viewers increase, followed by massive gift coins.

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