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How to Guide: Find & Use Trending TikTok Sounds to Grow Social Media Presence

Prioritizing users’ visual and auditory senses is the #1 essential must if you’re attempting to establish a long-lasting presence on the TikTok app; after all, what would a trending video be without sight and sound?

That’s why we decided to create a guide on trending TikTok sounds: where to find them and how to use them in your presentable content.

When you’re done reading this blog, you’ll know what routes to take to find current resonating audio and feel more confident in your TikTok sound choices.

Gone are the days of second-guessing yourself, reusing old and boring selections, and choosing lame noises to pair with your carefully thought-through clips. Are you ready to amp up your TikTok profile to the next level? Let’s get started!

How to Find New Trending Sounds & Songs on TikTok

Have you ever spent hours scrolling to find trending TikTok sounds? The For You page isn’t letting up, and you’re running out of time. You must dedicate efforts to other social media growth patterns, like filming and editing the TikTok videos you plan to post.

Have no fear, we’re here! We have a few shortcuts we’d like to share with you so that you can skip the searching and get down to business. Find trending sounds in any of the following places:

TikTok’s Creative Center

This is the best place to be if you aim to acquire trending songs. To access the CC, visit this desktop or mobile web browser link. The free tool automatically presents statistics on whatever is currently trending. That means you can check out its performance at any given point and time, including but not limited to the length of the trend, the age range of TikTok users interested in the trend, and any relevant, related interests.

TikTok’s search function

Head over to the TikTok app’s search bar and type in words like “trending” or “viral.” Make sure you transition the search to Sounds by clicking the filter at the top of the screen. Only then will the top trending sounds appropriately reveal themselves.

What’s the best way to distinguish viral sounds from the rest of the crowd? Look for the “popular” label. Incorporating these into your videos will automatically boost engagement.

TikTok’s playlists

Say you’ve already created a video and aim to add a background song to it. Go through the motions by tapping the “+” icon at the bottom of TikTok to start a new video. Then, tap the music note icon at the top of the screen to open the Sounds panel. You’ll automatically be redirected to the “popular” tab, where you can scroll through it to find trending TikTok sounds.

Check out Spotify & Apple Music

Here’s an easy-peasy lemon-squeezy suggestion: Open the music app you use—Spotify or Apple Music—and type “TikTok” into the search bar. Within seconds, the streaming platforms will display viral song playlists for you to browse.

View the Tokboard & TokChart

All music avenues release weekly charts with the “Top 40” listings. Luckily, trending TikTok songs have their document showcasing the most widely used songs of the week. If you click on the top options, you can also access current hashtags and top countries associated with the trending songs.

Understand How Trending Sounds Are Being Used

Finding the trending TikTok songs you want to use is only part of the job; once you’ve made your selection from a sound library, you still have to use it correctly with your content.

So, we suggest Observing like-minded influencers and their TikTok videos to see what’s going viral. Read through the comments section and check out the public feedback. Use these tools to your advantage so that you can tweak what you present. This is your opportunity to do it better than previously recorded videos with your unique spin! Take advantage.

How to Search for Unique Trending Sounds

Remember, trending audio isn’t just about popular songs on the For You page and various playlist outlets. It’s also about the TikTok sound.

This brings us to this interesting point: Did you know that you can find trending TikTok sounds instead of music on the app? That’s right—unique trending TikTok sounds can make any video fun, exciting, scary, laughable, etc. No lyrics are necessary.

You can input a faux horn beeping to grasp users’ attention, use elevator hymns to joke around about a boring moment, or have obnoxious laughter fill the air. The options are endless, so just take a look yourself and use TikTok’s search bar.

What Is The Most Used TikTok Sound?

The answer to this question will change on a week-to-week, month-to-month basis. Currently, the following trending sound examples are listed below:

  • Golden Hour Piano Version

A subtle tune that can play in the background, pairing perfectly with cooking tutorial trending videos. The noise is just enough to keep the audience engaged but not too noticeable, where it’ll take away from the content’s overall purpose. The two best ways to use Golden Hour include (a) inputting the sound into a timelapse video or (b) using it as background noise while you record a voiceover.

  • What You Won’t Do For Love

It all started with a viral video showcasing chocolate-covered strawberries; the rest is history. What You Won’t Do For Love has become one of the most popular trending songs worldwide. It doesn’t matter what avenue of TT you’re influencing through; you can use it, and you’ll be sure to grab the audience’s attention. It’s fully versatile and ready to draw in followers of the TikTok app.

  • Funny (Gold-Tiger)

Abnormal and suspicious, this audio is the perfect addition to your TikTok video if you’re trying to reveal something sneaky or silly. Please give it a listen; we’re sure you’ll automatically recognize the audio. Why? It’s been on the app for quite some time, but don’t worry; this sound will not disappear from the trending list anytime soon.

  • Espresso

Enter Sabrina Carpenter with her new song, “Espresso.” Is this option a shocker? Not to us, seeing as many of her songs go viral on Tok. Espresso is super fun and refreshing, a great addition to any vlog video you’re looking to post. Many users have recently decided to speed up their voices while stabilizing this song in the background. We highly encourage this trend; it’s super cute and friendly.

  • End of Beginning

You described it as “vibey,” End of Beginning is attached to many showy videos. If you intend to show your followers something or a place that feels special to you, this is the sound to attach while editing.

  • Walking Around Instrumental

If you’re an organizational guru, the song “Walking Around” by Eldar Kedem is perfect for you. This upbeat sound is excellent for how-to tutorials, vlogging, recaps, and other informational scenes. Where’s it being used most often? On hack videos, you know, the ones that teach you hidden adult secrets (like how to organize the pantry for optimization).

  • Luminary

An instrumental buildup mesmerizing audiences around the globe… Luminary is the perfect choice if you’re doing cosplay, working with dramatic scenery, or showcasing video-captured footage that’s out-of-the-ordinary. It’s very unique in origination, so we’d suggest looking up videos that already have this sound before you spring it into your content.

  • More passion, more energy

If you see this phrase and automatically think of a dog going to work digging a hole, you’ve got the correct idea. This hilarious audio is meant to be comedic and should always be linked to someone or something that is giving a lot of effort. A good example would be a hype-up clip – more passion, more energy…

Why Are Sounds Not Available for Commercial Use on TikTok?

Though influencers and users alike have the right to use trending songs, the same is not true for business accounts. In order to obtain that advantage, a business owner would have to be granted a license for use. Without one, copyright issues could quickly arise, potentially provoking legal problems.

If a commercial account wants to use music, it must visit the sound library specifically intended to serve its community.

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